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12 Things to Put Absolutely In Your First Aid Kit While Traveling

When you go on vacation, you take of course your bag or your suitcase with your clothes, accessories, gadgets, but do not forget the first aid kit! It is essential to prevent a dream holiday from turning into a nightmare …

Some people do not like to take medicine, let alone travel, but sometimes it is necessary. It would be a shame to stay bedridden with 40 ° fever while the beach or the mountain are waiting for you! Spend 3 days as a zombie on 2 weeks of vacation, it’s damn bad. In short, follow our advice and everything will be fine

Medications from Our First Aid Kit

For a first aid kit, you need … a kit! For this, there are several possibilities. You can buy a ready-made kit or compose it yourself. We prefer to compose it ourselves, so we chose the essential, no more.

Warning: all the medicines below are, of course, to be taken with the prior agreement of your doctor and in accordance with the instructions.

1. Pain relief

This is the one we all took at least once in his life: paracetamol! Better known under the brand Doliprane, it is the essential drug. It limits pain and has very few side effects. In addition, in the case of migraine, paracetamol would be more effective with caffeine. A good excuse to pay you a good cup of the best coffee in the world.

2. Anti-inflammatory

It is also one of the most consumed drugs in France: Ibuprofen! It has many different trade names but basically, it’s the one that must be taken when one is in the flu (fever, headache, body aches, chills, etc.). ATTENTION, “Doctor” Tim’s advice: medicine to take in the middle of a meal to avoid burning your stomach. It would be a shame to create a new problem.

3. Antiseptic

Indispensable also for all small cutaneous sores. The best known and most practical is  Chlorhexidine (better known as Biseptine ). It is a painless and colorless spray that can quickly and effectively disinfect all superficial wounds. It will then protect the wound with a bandage or a sterile compress.

4. Anti motion sickness or anti-emetic

It is useless for some but essential for others. If you are a moviegoer  (nothing to do with cinema :), you are often sick in transport. In this case, it is essential to provide medicine against motion sickness: naisicalm, mercalm, vogalib, etc. There are plenty of them, it’s up to you to see with your doctor what will help you the best.

The drugs against the harm of the transport are also essential in the event of gastro or another well dirty disease of the same kind as anti-emetic. Sometimes it’s better to vomit a good shot to make it better, but if it’s repeated, it can be dangerous (dehydration). In this case, we take the same thing as above: a Vogalib or other.

5. Anti-diarrheal

Do I really need to explain what’s the point? Of  Smecta or charcoal can do the trick, but if this is not the case, the Imodium or  Tiorfan solve the problem! Maybe even a little too much … If you think you have caught the ”  Turista “, avoid Imodium and prefer an anti-infectious intestinal that will help you recover faster, in this case, take Ercéfuryl.

6. Anti-spasmodic

It is the medicine that will help you cope with spasms (contractions) in case of a stomach ache. The best known: the Spasfon.

7. Treatment of mild burns and sunburns

The Biafine course! There are other alternatives like Aloe Vera. The advantage over Biafine is its natural side, however, the disadvantage is its efficiency a little more limited …

8. Lip balm

The lip balm will help you hydrate and avoid chapping: hyper useful in the mountains, the sea, in arid or cold areas. It can exceptionally serve as a moisturizer. Naturally, prefer natural products made from shea butter or coconut

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