6 Tips to Save on Your Travels

Traveling without breaking the bank is often considered a utopia. However, whether you want to go abroad for a weekend or go around the world, it is quite possible to save on your travels. The idea is to intelligently use your money without giving up on your dreams. Read on to discover our tips!

Set a travel budget in advance

If you want to save on your travels, the first thing to do is to set a budget. Indeed, it is more or less difficult to know beforehand the amount of money that will be spent in a country. This is the case if you are going to visit it for the first time.

However, it is advisable to inform yourself about travel blogs, forums or official sites so that you can get an idea of ​​the expenses on the spot. In other words, you will have to budget each item of expenditure. If you are wondering why to do your accounts, it is precisely to anticipate your vital expenses and your little quirks during your trip.

2. Find the best plane ticket offer

Do you usually travel with your national carrier? If so, we advise you to take a look at the offers of the competition. For example, you can compare the price of an airline ticket from your airline to that of your destination airline.

Be smart! You will also need to prepare for stops to reduce your expenses. The goal is to be flexible based on available offers. Instead of taking tickets around the world, do not hesitate to take your tickets as you go to save money on your trips.

3. Sort things to do and see

When you want to save, it means you can not do everything. So, it is wise to define before your departure the activities you want to do once you arrived at your destination. Indeed, there are inevitable. However, be aware that you will have to sort out if you want to travel longer.

You will understand, to spend less on a trip, and therefore to save money, the idea is to find all the good plans that can help you achieve this goal.

4. Eat and sleep locally

Saving on your trip means spending as little as you can without constraining your vital needs. Thus, during your stay abroad, it is advisable to eat in local restaurants or street stalls. In Thailand, Japan, America, Spain … Whatever your destination, there will always be a good meal of less than 4 €. Also, you can cook from time to time.

In this same thread, choose family guest houses instead of 5 star hotels. Rates will go up quickly depending on the services included in the accommodation (breakfast, swimming pool, room service, etc ..) It is even recommended to camp if you travel to some countries such as Southern Africa.

5. Privilege public transport

If you want to spend less money on traveling longer, you will need to use public transport. Of course, comfort is not always at the top, but it is a good practice to save on your travels.

So, well before you leave, find out about existing public transport (tuk-tuk, taxi, train, bus, etc.) and their fare. Moreover, you will be able to make unforgettable encounters with the local population.

6. Watch out for scams

During your trip, you are always a stranger in the eyes of locals. And if you travel to a developing country, you will have the image of a rich person. So, whether on public transport, in hotels or outside, you may be charged double or triple the value of things.

Of course, this is a general, but in most cases, try to find out the right price and negotiate if necessary. In all cases, always plan in your budget (Tip 1) double the price, because you will have to pay a little more than the locals. The only solution is to negotiate well! If you have any other tips, we are delighted to receive them in the comments.