Organize Your Holidays at the Last Minute

Organize your holidays at the last minute is not a simple thing to do especially when we talk about the summer holidays. Many people book their holidays months in advance. So necessarily last minute, it is often the galley because many offers are exhausted.

Although I travel often, I am the queen to organize myself at the last minute. Although I have visibility on my schedule, each time I go through the box “organization of holidays in an emergency”. Last year, this was the case for our holidays in Sardinia with my brother. We had defined dates for a long time but now, we dragged for months before deciding on this destination. When this was the case, we were already approaching the holidays so I clearly struggled to book the ferry and our accommodation without breaking the bank. Basically, I had to spend twice as much time on the organization of our stay by taking me at the last minute.

My advice for organizing your holidays at the last minute

If like me you are always late to organize your holidays, here are some tips to get you out!

Being flexible on the destination

By doing it at the last minute, it is better to be flexible about the destination you choose. Unless you have an unlimited budget, it will sometimes have to fall back on less popular destinations not to ruin. This can also be an opportunity to make beautiful discoveries by choosing a vacation spot that you would not have thought of at the base.

Check at first the offers and prices on the destinations that make you want. Sometimes we are lucky and we find interesting offers even at the last minute. For that, the internet is your friend. There are loads of sites specializing in last-minute deals. You can also look at great sites like Groupon that offer a lot of specials in the travel field.

After being realistic, there is a good chance that the destination that makes you dream is much more expensive at the last minute. If it is during a school vacation period, it may be even more complicated. So the solution is to choose less popular destinations while respecting your desires. You can think of going to the countryside rather than the sea in the middle of August or opt for a trip abroad to a destination that is out of the ordinary.

Peel the websites to find the best offers

With the Internet, organizing your holidays is much simpler than before. As I said, the number of travel websites is not lacking. At any time of the year, there are always specials. However, always be flexible about the destination and dates.

Turnkey offers are often a good option, think about it! I buy a little packaged trip (flight + accommodation) but sometimes it is advantageous. This was the case during our trip to Lanzarote. I absolutely wanted to go to this Canary Island (yes, I was not flexible on this point). So I looked for flight offers at first and it was overpriced (even being flexible at the airport of departure). By buying a packaged offer, strangely, the price of the stay was lower than the price of the plane ticket alone. If I had taken it in advance, it would not have been the case. It is, therefore, necessary to look at everything that is done and sometimes opt for offers that were not necessarily envisaged initially.

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