Upgrading Your Car Stereo System? Here are the Best Double Din Head Units for your Car

Are you planning to get an upgrade on the din of your car? Also, you’re not sure about what will fit with your taste and with your car? That’s my problem before, when I was planning to upgrade from single din and it really took me time to decide. After spending time on research and asking my friends, I found the best double din head unit that I will be sharing with you guys. But first, make sure to check if it matches your car.

  1. Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX

Now, my first favorite is the Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX which totally looks cool in my car. I love listening to music a lot, so it’s awesome that I can connect my phone for calling and music for streaming because it has a built-in Bluetooth system. Plus, you won’t be glared while driving when the sun is up, since you can move it up or down. Furthermore, I’m not that super techy person but I’m glad about their display setting, and its soft touch screen. Honestly, I’m really impressed on its features; it works well with wireless and wired Apple and Android car play, plus the back-up camera and the price is okay, since there are others who has the same price but can’t give the features you want.

  1. Kenwood DNX996XR 6.8

My second favorite is the Kenwood DNX996XR 6.8 that I tried, because my brother asked me to try it to know how good it is. If you want your phone be wired or not that is totally fine with this product, since it gives you both options. Moreover, I can also use this in my car which is possible that you can use it in all other cars (my brother has a Toyota Camry and mine is a Mazda CX-9). Also, it has good resolution, features, and even has screen mirroring but depends on what android phone you are using (sad my phone doesn’t do it). This is actually great since my brother loved it, but I’m not sure I’m willing to spend that much money to this.


Over all, both actually have really great features and resolution from the other double din in the market right now. Also, the difference on the screen is not that big since the Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX is7” and the Kenwood DNX996XR is 6.8″, so for me it’s okay. However, the only thing that I was so shocked about is the price, Kenwood is really expensive for me and I think I won’t be buying it, because it’s half the price of the Pioneer din. Never the less, my best pick right now is the Pioneer AVH, because it’s worth your money and it really gives you what it says. I’m not yet sure on how long both will take, but I will definitely let you guys keep updated or you can let me know how long yours can take so we can share it.