US National Parks: My Top 10 West

We have returned from our trip to the United States after 1 month of mop in the American West. We spent a week in San Francisco and then 3 weeks on the roads exploring the American National Parks of the West. A journey all in size and that will remain for life in our memories. Jerome already knew to be there twice when he was a teenager. For me, it was a first. Photos, I had seen hundreds including those of my father who had made this trip in 1998. And there, it was my turn to see all these landscapes with my own eyes.

During the trip, I had fun doing a ranking of what I preferred. Jerome did not want to play, it would have been fun to compare our rankings

Mine has changed time and again to the rhythm of our daily discoveries. Hard to choose but I managed to rank the 10 places that have struck me the most. It’s really personal and I’m sure everyone will have a different “rating” depending on their feelings. If you made this trip, I’ll be curious to know what you liked the most.

1. Monument Valley

Monument Valley will remain my most beautiful memory thanks to our unique experience of sleeping in a hogan in the heart of the park. Monument Valley is not an American National Park but is part of a Navajo Reserve, the Native American people of North America. It is on their lands that the park is established and with it that we can visit parts of the park. On our side, we made the solo visit despite the road in poor condition to go around.

Monument Valley

2. Bryce Canyon

The Bryce Canyon National Park is impressive. Its orange color is really unique. I liked to sit down and contemplate the hoodoos, walk down to see them more closely, in short, a pure moment of happiness!

bryce canyon

3. Death Valley

The Death Valley is truly a mythical place with temperatures that can rise to over 50 ° C! On arriving there, we saw the thermometer of the car climb slowly to reach 36 ° C. I do not even dare to imagine what it can be in summer. The park is large and the different areas quite different from each other. It really is a must and I just loved it!

Death Valley

4. Grand Canyon

For many, it’s the number one park in the west. And that’s not surprising because Grand Canyon is great. It’s just huge! We were able to fly over the Grand Canyon aboard a plane which allows to realize the immensity of the site. The helicopter flight must be even more impressive but it’s another budget …

Grand Canyon

5. Yosemite

Yosemite National Park is the first we visited when leaving San Francisco. The weather was not with us that day, we arrived in the rain and fog. This has limited our movements and I think that is why the park is not in my top 3. The sun finally appeared in the day and we were able to enjoy the different points of view.


6. Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is not a national park properly speaking. The canyons are not far from Page (where is also Lake Powell and Horseshoe Bend). Personally, I really wanted to visit this place by seeing great pictures. And we can say that it is as beautiful in real life except … that there are people. For the visit, it is better to reserve your niche!

antelope canyon

7. Valley of Fire

Before arriving in the United States, I did not even know this park. It was when I came across a picture on Instagram that I got wind of the Valley of Fire near Las Vegas. So we went there for half a day. When we got there, it was raining a lot which limited us on our walks. When the sun finally came out at the end of the day, we could take full eyes. The light was sumptuous!

Valley of fire

8. Sequoia National Park

For once, the park of Sequoia is a big failure of our trip. We arrived too late so we did not have time to see everything. This is our big regret of the stay. The park is really beautiful and the trees … huge! If we return to the west coast, we will take the time to come back to enjoy this place.

sequoia national park

9. Horseshoe Bend

The reality is as beautiful as the photos. Horseshoe Bend is a curiosity that deserves a stop when one is near Page. We spend little time certainly but the place is striking. You can, if you wish, take a boat to discover the canyon from Lake Powell which is a few kilometers away.

horseshoe bend

10. Zion National Park

Zion National Park is the youngest on my list. Many love this park and it is true that it is splendid if we take the trouble to make the proposed hikes. We arrived in the early afternoon so obviously … we did not have much time for walks. It would have been necessary to spend a little more time to really appreciate the park at its fair value. If you like to walk, do not skip it!

zion national park

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